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Cepro - Welding curtains & welding blankets

Telford Group are the leading UK distributors of Cepro welding curtains and welding blankets. Cepro is the latest brand to be added to Telford Groups exclusive UK import and distribution package. The Dutch company Cepro hold the leading position in the welding spot separation safety products market. They are offered exclusively through a selected network of quality welding distributors throughout Europe and worldwide.

Cepro products are made out of the finest fire retardant materials. They have become the essential accessory found in welding environments over the past 25 years. Whilst it is possible to melt and damage a welding blanket, they will never burn. This means there is less risk of a fire developing during hot work operations. Welding curtains and welding blankets have several different uses and are often employed as an emergency solution in the event of stray sparks causing a fire. Welding curtains and blankets available at Telford Group are constructed from tear resistant woven glass fibre.

Cepro offer a wide range of welding blankets, welding curtains, welding screens and welding tents. This includes the Gazelle Welding Screen, Saturn Welding Blankets and Omnium Welding Screen. Cepro offer the highest quality product range which is tested to the highest European standards. Data sheets and full European certification is available on all their products. Single welding screens and welding blankets are available from The Welding Superstore. However Cepro also offer tailor made solutions to meet customer’s specific requirements.

They offer excellent technical support from 3-D CAD designs to turn key project supplies. Telford Group Ltd has been appointed national distributors can resolve your welding safety requirements.

For specific requirements contact our Cepro Sales Team on 01952 290800