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Hazardous smoke and pollutants are generated during welding and cutting in the metal industry. Using Kemper extraction and filtering equipment, Kemper ensure that operators can still breathe in clean air. With their extensive range of health and safety equipment the Kemper range can provide protection against UV / IR radiation, heat, sparks and weld splatter, benefiting not only the operator but also the machinery and the environment.

Kemper Products range from small units such as the Filter-Master to large extraction and filtration systems. Many of the smaller units are produced in both mobile and stationary versions.

Kemper also supplies extraction tables, whether for large laser and plasma cutting machines, or for training purposes in schools and other educational institutions. Unlike conventional extraction tables, we use a surface extraction system, so that even finer dust is captured and directly separated out in the filter system.

For specific requirements, technical advice or full extraction system planning and installation contact our Kemper Sales Team on 01952 290800


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