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Oxyturbo Turbo Set 110

Oxyturbo Turbo Set 110

A small light weight welding system in a compact metal carrier complete with disposable gas cylinders. Kit included: 1 x Oxygen Cylinder, 1 x Map gas cylinder, Flint lighter, Protective goggles, Star with 4 nozzles, Multipurpose spanner, filler metal with deoxidizer

Patented handgrip

Handgrip of latest conception and design, with built-in oxygen and gas safety valves with double protection.

  • OXYGEN Cylinder 110 bar - 1 It
  • MAP Gas Cylinder
  • MIGNON pressure reducers for oxygen and for gas, without gauges, with flashback arrestors with double protection
  • 2 meter hoses with connections
  • Handgrip torch with adjusting knobs with built-in double protection oxygen and gas valves
  • Lance with 80 It nozzle
  • 1 star holder with 4 nozzles 63-100-160-225 It
  • Protective goggles
  • Multipurpose spanner
  • Flint lighter
  • Metal carrier
  • Filler metal with deoxidizer