Kemper Fume extraction systems, such as the ProfiMaster portable welding fume extractor are an essential for any metal worker. Hazardous smoke, fumes, and pollutants generated during welding and cutting, can be harmful. Fume extraction systems ensure that the operator can still breathe clean air. Safety should be a primary concern when carrying out any metal work. The safety of the worker and those nearby should be considered.

Kemper offer an extensive range of health and safety equipment. This includes a welding fume extractor range, and extraction tables. The range can provide protection against UV / IR radiation, heat, sparks, and weld splatter. This benefits the worker, and the machinery and the environment. Their products range from small units such as the Filter-Master, to large extraction and filtration systems. Mobile and stationary versions are available for many of the smaller units. The Kemper mobile systems are ideal for occasional to frequent use. For ease of use, they have been designed with a high capacity filter. This is disposable and can be easily changed.

When using a welding fume extractor, it is important that the extraction hood is correctly positioned. Correct positioning ensures efficient extracting, protecting the worker. Many of the Kemper fume extraction systems come with a flexible arm. These allow easy removal of fumes and dust. Some also have a rotating rectangular exhaust hood. This further ensures efficient fume capture.

In addition to a welding fume extractor, Kemper can also supply extraction tables. These are ideal for large laser and plasma cutting machines. They can also be used for training purposes in schools and other institutions. Unlike common extraction tables, we use a surface extraction system. This allows even finer dust to be captured and directly separated out in the filter system.

At our 50002ft showroom, we have a wide range of equipment. This includes unit for a small workplace, or large industrial scale units. Telford Group has the experience to meet our customers exact requirements. We provide a wide range of equipment for a variety of uses. Designed to a high spec, we make sure we provide the most user friendly fume extraction systems.

Here at Telford Group, we only work with top quality brands such as Kemper. This allows us to deliver a superior product and service. Since the Kemper brand was established in 1977, their aims have remained the same. They’re committed to providing clean air and safety at work. Kemper have a top of the line manufacturing and production process for all of their fume extraction systems. This allows for a consistently high quality across all of their machines. This means that when you buy a welding fume extractor from us, you know you're getting the best.

For specific requirements, contact our Kemper Sales Team on 01952 290800. They can offer technical advice or help with full extraction system planning and installation. Our specialists would be happy to discuss what fume extraction systems we can offer you. Whether you need a welding fume extractor or an extraction table, we can help.

All of our Kemper mobile fume extractors are W3-Approved with IFA-Certification.


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