Victor Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutting Systems

Victor Thermal Dynamics

A Victor Thermal Dynamics plasma systems uses innovative technologies that let you consistently cut high quality parts and improve your productivity.

Our line up of plasma system components and technologies provide exceptional cost-performance benefits, offering you the flexibility you need to assemble the optimum platform for you operation.

Ultra-Cut® XT Range

- Superior plasma cutter that leverage our technology. Our series of high-precision plasma cutters will meet or beat anyones performance on mild steel, and it's superior on non-ferrous and the Ultra Cut® range powers the innovative curating technology that sets us apart from the competition.

HeavyCut Technology

- Excellent quality and productivity on mild steel. The patented multi-core electrodes and water cooled tips dramatically improve parts cooling and plasma beam delivery thus allowing extremely long parts life, unsurpassed cut quality and productivity on thick mild steel parts.

Water Mist Secondary Technology

- unsurpassed quality on stainless and Aluminum. Using water from the tap rather than expensive gas mixtures this technology provides high cutting speeds and best cut quality on non-ferrous materials for a friction of the cost of standard cutting processes.

Diameter PRO Technology

- excellent hole quality now extended to 50mm thickness. Cutting tables using VIC/TDC Diameter PRO Technology provide excellent quality, ready to use holes from gauge unto 50mm thickness on Mild Steel.


The various components in a cutting operation must work together seamlessly to operate in real-time harmony with one another. Victor® Thermal Dynamics® works with their table manufacturer's partners to guarantee that the innovative solutions developed by our engineers are fully integrated into the table components. This approach, in turn, allows end users to achieve the best cutting results for their specific needs.

Model Amps Frequency Hz Phases Volts
Ultra-Cut 200 XT 65 A 50/60 Hz 3/td> 380 V
Ultra-Cut 200 XT 62 A 50/60 Hz 3/td> 400 V
Ultra-Cut 200 XT 52 A 50/60 Hz 3/td> 480 V