Kingsland Metalwork

Metal Workers, Press Brakes and Guillotines and Tooling At Telford Group we are proud to offer robust and high quality metal working machines from KINGSLAND Metalwork. Their range includes Metal Workers, Corner Notchers, Press Brakes, Guillotines and Punches. Below is the range of Kingsland Metalwork, Hydraulic Steelworkers, Punches, Notchers, KINGSLAND Metalwork machines have always been built to the highest quality to be robust and designed for a long working life.

At Telford Group Ltd we can also offer full operator and safety training for machine operators/users and maintenance staff who will use any of the machines within the entire range of Kingsland products. Our trainers will cover operation, set up, maintenance and safety aspects of the machines. Our skilled team of service engineers can also provide support and servicing for this extensive range of machines too. We are also specialist in providing tooling and machine solution to suit a certain process of application a client may have or require.

Kingsland machines have been developed over many years to provide the most robust and adaptable metal work machine produced in the UK. Kingsland has been established for over 60 years as an innovative designer and manufacturer of top quality Universal Steelworkers, punching machines, accessories and tooling. In 1991 Kingsland became part of the HACO International Group, a Belgian based multi-national company which was founded in 1965. There are based at Sheringham in Norfolk, Kingsland Metalwork Engineering continues to expand with on-going investment in - CNC design, manufacturing systems, premises and people. It is here where Kingsland Metalwork provides its service facilities.

These METAL WORKERS are capable of punching sheet metal, flat bar angle iron and the flange of channel and beam in standard form up to a max diameter of 38mm but with specialist tooling available on request. These machines are also equipped with blades for cropping round and square bars. Angle Iron is easily cut at all angles up to 90 degrees. Each metal worker has multiple stations for punching, shearing angle, shearing round and square section and shearing thin material. Larger machines are equipped for notching.

For full machine information, quotations and up to date pricing and availability, contact our sales team on 01952 290800


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