We supply a range of MIG welding machines from some of the best brands in the industry. We have a commitment quality, so we make sure that of the brand we work with reach our very high standards.

When using a MIG welder, an intert gas and a wire electrode is fed through the welding gun. The inert gas is used to protect the welding pool from air contamination during the weld. For MIG welding we recommend using a direct current power source, although alternatives can be used if required. This fast and versatile method of welding is ideal for a variety of applications but is best used on metals such as aluminium or steel.

When you get your MIG welding machine through Telford Group, you can expect a top quality, powerful machine. Brands such as Cemont, Telwin and Fronius provide MIG welders designed to give a you a seamless weld, every time. Choosing the right machine for the job can be a difficult process We’ve made this task easier by putting the best MIG welders on the market in one place.

Some of the MIG welding machines we offer give the option for fine adjustment of the arc length, so the desired weld can always be achieved. Variation in arc length due to a flotation in voltage can lead to messy and uneven weld. We offer welding machines that allow you to specify the arc length from the beginning, and give you consistant power supply. Typically, shorter arcs cause a higher heat input, which results in the electrode melting faster.

 Be sure to browse our full range of MIG welding machines to see what we can offer you.  Whether you require a new machine or a service and spares for your current machine, we are a direct link to a variety of welding suppliers. For more information about our MIG welding machines, or any other products that we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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